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2017 Fall Education Tour

It’s that time of year again!  MACHA workshops are on their way to your area this Fall.  Don’t miss this opportunity to attend training in a location convenient to you!  Driving directions to each training location are available on the Training Locations page.

Review the dates and locations below to register and reserve your place!

ACH Exceptions: Know Your Risks, Protect Your Rights

ACH Return transactions, Prenotes, Notification of Change (NOC) entries, and unauthorized payments all represent a financial institution's daily exception processing. This workshop will provide attendees with a comprehensive review of these exception entries and steps to take to minimize the financial risks associated with these types of transactions.

Warranty & Loss: Checks & the Uniform Commercial Code

Note: This session includes an update on recent changes to Regulation CC!  The Uniform Commercial Code is a base set of laws developed to provide uniformity to state laws governing commercial transactions. This includes what makes a check a negotiable instrument and liability of the parties accepting and processing checks. This unique session will highlight how UCC Article 3 & 4 directly impacts your financial institution’s daily check processing and describes the rights of the parties to the check from the check writer to the paying institution and to the financial institution that accepts a check for deposit. Anyone responsible for check processing should attend this informative workshop.

Remaining Tour Dates