Fall Tour 2018

It’s that time of year again!  MACHA workshops are on their way to your area this Fall.  Don’t miss this opportunity to attend our workshops in a location convenient to you! 

Frontline Staff & ACH: What They Must Know

This session will provide your frontline staff with a non-technical overview of the ACH Network and provide answers to the most common questions asked by your account holders. We’ll cover stop payments, unauthorized entries, the conversion of checks into ACH entries, phone and internet authorization, the rights of account holders under the NACHA Operating Rules and federal regulations, and much more.

Evolution of Payments & Technology

Significant developments in the payments marketplace have fostered a more competitive environment for financial institutions.  These accelerated changes indicate that the U.S. payments system is shifting toward an all-electronic payment and processing environment, fueled by technology and providing convenience, flexibility, efficiency, and security that is changing the behavior of consumers and businesses.  This workshop will discuss mobile wallet technology, digital currency, faster payments, ISO 20022, cardless ATMs, and more!