No matter your learning style, MACHA offers training options to suit your needs.  Our training evolves alongside the payments industry and, thanks to member feedback, it also evolves with you! 

Workshops and Seminars

MACHA's in-person training continues to be a popular source of payments education to members and nonmembers alike.  Recognizing MACHA's commitment to providing comprehensive training, we offer a wide variety of ACH, check, and card payment-related programs.  Additionally, we sponsor sessions that cover a number of other relevant payment topics.  These sessions are perfect for those who prefer a traditional classroom environment.


MACHA is continuing to expand its webinar offerings.  These alternative training opportunities offer a convenient way to deliver education and information to those who may not have the option of being out of the office for in-person training.  MACHA webinars are also a great solution for larger groups who want to attend training together.

Custom On-Site Training

Does MACHA's education calendar conflict with your schedule?  Would your staff benefit from customized payments training?  If you answered, "yes", then on-site training might be right for your organization.  MACHA will gladly provide tailor-made training to meet the needs of your personnel, at your location, and at  your convenience!  Please contact the MACHA office at (410) 859-0090 or send us an email at

Meet our experts.

Kimberly W. Rector, AAP
Senior Director of Education, MACHA
Kimberly has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry at both commercial banks and credit unions, with a concentration in ACH operations.  Let her expertise in the ACH Network help you and your organization.
Angie Smith, AAP, NCP
Senior Vice President, Professional Development Events, WesPay

Angie has 26 years of experience in the financial services industry at commercial banks and MACHA and over 13 years experience at the Federal Reserve Bank with a concentration in Check Processing and Check Adjustment services.

We're proud to help you succeed.

MACHA is proud to be a Trusted Educational Partner of ECCHO (The Electronic Check Clearing House Organization).  We offer accredited training and exam preparation to help you earn your NCP designation and maintain it through continuing education credits.

The Mark of Excellence signifies that MACHA, through its Direct Membership in NACHA, is a specially recognized and licensed provider of ACH education, publications, and support.  Through MACHA's ACH training, you may prepare for and retain the AAP designation.