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Same Day ACH: Usage & Strategy

Center for Payments Study

When Same Day ACH launched in 2016, the stated goal was “to move the ACH Network from today’s single, next-day settlement to multiple, same-day settlement options that would be available for virtually any ACH Network transaction.” Today, the modern ACH Network moves 120 million payments per day; settles payments four times per day to any U.S. bank or credit union account; and moves Same Day ACH payments up to $1 million three times per day.

In 2021, Same Day ACH moved 2.4 million payments per day (604 million transactions for the year) with a daily total value of $3.7 billion. Volume increased 74% over 2020, with the value of those transactions doubling to almost $950 billion.

The Center for Payments™, in partnership with Nacha, conducted a market intelligence study to better understand the current and potential future of Same Day ACH. Topics examined included: use of Same Day ACH by banks and credit unions and potential barriers to adoption; operational and risk mitigation practices regarding and leveraging Same Day ACH; and opportunities to enhance Same Day ACH in the future.

Complete findings of this study are available exclusively to members of the ten payments associations that sponsor the Center for Payments, and questions should be directed to your payments association.

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