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Macha/PAR and Identifee Announce Strategic Partnership

Macha/PAR and Identifee partnership provides member organizations with data-driven customer insights that enhance revenue growth and customer experience.

Macha/PAR and Identifee are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership, combining Macha/PAR’s best-in-class solutions aimed to support its members in payments compliance and innovation with Identifee’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform built specifically for financial institutions. Identifee will provide all Macha/PAR member organizations free access to its CRM – a $12,000 technology benefit – as part of the partnership.

“We are excited to offer Macha/PAR members an opportunity to work with Identifee on developing an improved CRM,” states Mary Gilmeister, President and CEO of Macha. “Consumers and businesses expect faster and instant payment solutions and our industry evolves quickly. This is a perfect tool to help our members advance their strategies with data-driven customer insights.”

Technology plays an increasingly critical role in every aspect of growing revenue. Financial institutions need a solution that is simple to use, supports enterprise-wide collaboration, and has a responsive design.

By connecting Macha members with access to Identifee’s CRM, members can drive faster revenue with automated, actionable insights to their customers and prospects. This CRM combines segmented data to provide a holistic view of each customer, saves employees time, and gives turn-key access to bite-sized training from the industry’s leading organizations – all in one place.

“Macha/PAR serves as our members’ strategic partner, helping advance their business goals by offering customized training, personalized support, and cutting-edge news and information,” says Gilmeister. “Macha members want help solving specific business challenges in the payments industry. They are looking for ways to innovate better or guidance on keeping up with the pace of change. Identifee’s CRM and other solutions can help them achieve their goals faster. We hope our members take advantage of their incredible offer.”

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About Identifee

Identifee is a revenue enablement platform built specifically for financial services organizations. The platform is built by banking and technology leaders to save client-facing representatives 10+ hours per week, wow their customers with visualized reports, and grow faster revenue.

For more information on Identifee, please visit

About Macha/PAR

A member-based organization, Macha serves as the premier information resource on payment rules and networks for financial institutions, businesses, and municipalities. Knowledge of all payment systems is critical in today’s environment as payments continue to evolve. Macha’s mission is to increase the understanding and use of payment networks through operational support, education, and advocacy. Macha is recognized as a primary resource for training and expertise for members’ payment needs. Payment Advisory Resource (PAR) is Macha’s subsidiary and the delivery arm for services including compliance, advisory services, and risk management. For more, visit

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