2019 Spring Education Tour

It’s that time of year again!  MACHA workshops are on their way to your area this spring.  Don’t miss this opportunity to attend training in a location convenient to you!  Driving directions to each training location are available on the Training Locations page.

2019 ACH Rules Update

Every year, we start our in-person workshop schedule with ACH Rules Update workshops. This annual session will review recent changes to the NACHA Operating Rules and their impact on ACH Network participants. We always include much more information than just simply an ACH Rules update. Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure that your organization is ready and compliant with recent changes to the NACHA Operating Rules including upcoming changes to Same Day ACH!

See below for dates and locations.

Debit Card Disputes: Regulation E Requirements

Understanding your responsibilities as a card issuer for handling error disputes or unauthorized claims is critical to protecting your cardholders and ensuring compliance with Regulation E. At this workshop, you will learn to calculate the consumer’s liability when they are not timely in reporting the loss or theft of their card or fraudulent transactions made with their card. We will discuss the card brands “Zero Liability” provisions, review the chargeback process, and cover the timeframes in which merchants and card issuers need to respond to chargebacks. This is a great opportunity to review what you are required to do under Regulation E, help you prepare for an audit and exchange experiences with your peers from other organizations.

See below for dates and locations.