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Nacha's ACH Contact Registry

Enforcement begins on August 1.

There's no cost to register for the ACH Contact Registry, but not doing so can be expensive.

On July 1, 2020, the ACH Contact Registry was implemented and participation became mandatory for all financial institutions participating in the ACH Network.  Nacha created the directory for financial institutions to be able to more easily connect with other financial institutions about ACH operations, exceptions, and risk management.

What happens if a participating depository financial institution does not register contact information with Nacha?

As with any other Rule, the failure to comply with the requirement to register contact information with Nacha would constitute a Rule violation, and the DFI would be subject to potential enforcement action through Nacha's National System of Fines.

A participating DFI's failure to comply with a direct obligation to the National Association (in this case, the obligation to register contact information) is considered a Class 2 Rules violation and could result in a fine of up to $100,000 per month until the violation is resolved.

If your organization still hasn't registered, please visit the Nacha website to do so via the Risk Management Portal*.

Please click the button below or use the linked image on our homepage to access Nacha's page for Macha members.

*Note from Nacha, please do not use Internet Explorer as your browser when accessing the Portal.

ACH Contact Registry

Need help signing up?  Check out our free webinar recording or reach out to us.

ACH Contact Registry Instructions Webinar

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ACH Contact Registry (PDF)

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