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September Unclaimed Property Update from Mike Ryan

September – time to prepare!

Important Dates:

September 10, 2023

  • Reporting deadline for New York Insurance filings
  • File proof of publication with NY State Controller for accounts that required New York advertising

October 1, 2023

  • Tennessee is updating their software and payment systems and recommends you get your file in by October 1st to ensure a smooth filing.  You officially still have to November 1st to file

Best Practices 1 – Negative Reporting

September is a good month for processing and submitting negative reports:

  • Do you have states with no property?
    • September is a great month to prepare and mail those negative reports
    • For some states you don’t even have to mail, you can indicate there is no property report in the state’s online reporting feature

Best Practices 2 – Plan for October!

With so many state (non-life insurance) report due dates before or on November 1, October will be a busy month; September is a good month to plan:

  • Create a calendar!
    • Identify timeframes to create reports, debit property, prepare for issuing checks and EFTs
    • Check vacation schedules to ensure coverage and key employees will be available (i.e., sign reports, approve payments, etc.)
    • Bonus tip: When is best to remit reports?
      • For a smaller remittance, remit early;  it may help to be processed first
      • By October 25th, states have thousands of reports to process

Have any questions on the upcoming fall filings, please reach out to us.

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