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The Coronavirus is a global public health crisis, creating an unfortunate parallel financial crisis for many families and businesses. Job losses, vanishing sales, shrinking investments, and general uncertainty have many people concerned about near-term and long-term financial wellness. Financial institutions are front line responders in position to provide immediate help to address this financial crisis. The key question financial institutions are asking is: how can financial relief be delivered most effectively to those who need it most?

Segmint has assembled an expert panel to discuss how the transaction data flowing through every financial institution can answer this key question. Rob Heiser, co-founder of Segmint, will be joined by Adrianne Bernini, VP & Director of Data Science and Insights at First National Bank, and by Anne Norman, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer and UW Credit Union.

Our panel will discuss how fluctuating account balances, missing paychecks, skipped debt payments, and other critical indicators can identify specific customers in need of financial help, and how financial institutions can use this information to offer meaningful solutions to help at-risk customers weather the financial storm.

Please join us for this important webinar.


Anne Norman
UW Credit Union

Adrianne Bernini
First National Bank

Rob Heiser


Mary Gilmeister

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